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Effecient and Reliable Skip Hire Service

Tamworth Skips is an British-owned business. Established in 1992, Tamworth Skips has provided an invaluable skip hire service to the local community for well over 24 years.

With over 2 decades in this line of business, we have become renowned leaders in the industry.We are one of the top-notch options providers in our field with our attitude towards business and service efficiency. Our commitment to customer satisfaction also helped us build an undisputed reputation when it comes to waste removal in Tamworth.

Why Choose Us?

Waste types we accept:

Why should you get a skip hire?

It is often time consuming and physically straining to try to rid your home of unwanted hard waste. Many of our valued customers simply do not own trailers or large enough cars to enable them to dispose of bulky items. We have the equipment and personnel to easily transport your rubbish, leaving your home clean and clutter free.